Back From the Dead! – Jersey Concepts 4!

Yes! This blog is dead! But, I’m going to try to pump some air into these long-dead lungs, with another Jersey Concepts post! Woo!

Arizona Coyotes – Rebrand


The Arizona Coyotes pre-2015 Draft were, eh… Boring. The ones that they released at their 2015 Draft Party are, eh… Boring. The Coyotes haven’t had a solid identity since their 1990’s Kachina-era, (See it here) and this is sort of a mesh of the modern look, and the past era from when they first arrived in the desert. I added hints of green to the primary logo, kept the newly unveiled secondary logo, and used a 1990’s era unused Kachina logo as an alternate. The primary jerseys have a modern, yet classic feel, and the alternate is a modern throwback to the original Coyotes hockey team.

Winter Classic 2017 – Isles VS Devils

Jerseys Pres

The Isles VS Devils rivalry hasn’t really been there since the Devils and Isles were both competitors, which was a long time ago. This Winter Classic, presumably played at Citi Field, would be between these two teams, and would feature semi-throwbacks to the 80’s for the Devils, and Fishsticks look for the Isles.

“Why not Isles VS Rangers?” I hear the Islanders and Rangers fans yell. Well, it’s because the Rangers have already played in 3 outdoor games, counting the Stadium Series and Winter Classic game, with one of those already having been played against the Isles, and one against the Devils. The Islanders and Devils have a semi-rivalry already, and they haven’t played outside before, plus I thought both jerseys looked like absolute beauty, so, I had to do it.

LGBT+ Rights


I’m gonna say it, and I’m gonna get shit for it in the comments, but I fully support the LGBT+ Community. I am, in fact, bisexual. If you think that I’m going to hell, alongside millions of people worldwide, then don’t read my blogs. Don’t look at these jerseys, and get you and your negativity the hell away from me.

Ok, now that the rant is over, let’s move on to the jerseys. I have the rainbow flag adorning the sides and arms, along with the shoulder yokes, for obvious reasons. As the picture says, the Lambda is a Greek symbol, which is known for being used in the Half-Life games, but has also been a symbol for the LGBTQ+ Community for a long time. The jersey takes on a modern stance, as the campaign for equal rights, equal representation, and anti-discrimination is constantly taking on a modern stance.


Alright, so that’s that! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m anticipating a shitstorm because of that last comment, to be honest.

Jersey Concepts 3!

So the Hawks got a corn maze, Quebec and Las Vegas applied for expansion teams, Holtby resigned, and Semin went to the Habs. That’s about all the news recently, so let’s get into the jerseys!

Las Vegas Aces – Expansion

Home Jersey

With a Las Vegas group applying for an expansion team in the NHL, it’s fitting that they need jerseys. Personally, I think the Las Vegas Aces would be a good name and identity, so I made these jerseys for the team. The logo brings together the gambling the city is known for and the sport it’ll play.

Quebec Nordiques – Expansion

Main Jersey

A group in Quebec applied for an NHL expansion team as well, and they actually used the name ‘Nordiques’ in their application. I think it’s inevitable that the Nords return to hockey.

Hartford Whalers – Expansion

Home Jersey

The Hartford Whalers, although less than stellar, had a lot of fans, who have been wanting a hockey team in the NHL, after the original team packed up and moved to Carolina. Although a group in Hartford hasn’t applied for a team, I think the Whalers are due for a return.

Seattle Admirals – Expansion

Alternate Jersey

Seattle has been wanting an NHL team too, and they’re expected to make a bid for one. But until that happens, I’m hoping for a team called the Seattle Admirals wearing these beauts to play in the Emerald City.

Jersey Concepts 2!

Here are some more jersey concepts!

Grateful Dead – Just for Fun

Dead Jersey

As a Deadhead, I decided to make a jersey for the 50th anniversary of the band, and this one adds a lot of aspects of the band into one hockey jersey. The main logo, in the center of the jersey, is called ‘Steal Your Face’, or a Stealie. (I have one as my profile pic) and it was an album cover, that has now become a symbol of the band. There’s also tie-dye shoulder yokes, as the Dead spearheaded the tie-dye shirts. There’s also lightning bolts on the arms and waist separating red and blue, as a reference to the Stealie. There’s also a little bit of grey in the armpits as a reference to one of the Dead’s most popular songs, ‘Touch of Grey’.

Washington Capitals – Flying the Flag


Let’s be honest – Aside from the Caps’ alternate jerseys, the Capitals have one of the worst jersey sets in the league. As a part of a contest on Hockey Jersey Concepts, I had to use two colors for the jersey, and I went with a modified Winter Classic logo aside the DC flag. The jersey highlights the red and white of the flag, and puts the flag (See it here) on the shoulders.

Dallas Stars – Think Outside the Green

Home Jersey

When the Dallas Stars introduced their current victory green and black jerseys, they were a huge step forward. But in a video released by the Stars, they reveal concepts that didn’t make it on the ice, and one of them was a blue and gold color scheme. I decided to run with that, and put a star back on the jersey, so here’s a gold and blue Stars jersey.

Anyways, that’s all for now! Let me know what you think of these concepts in the comments below, and I’ll see you whenever I get around to posting again!

Jersey Concepts!

Hey guys, this is Protect the Island, an Islanders fan account. (Follow me @protect_the_island on Insta!) Either way, I’ll mainly be posting hockey jersey concepts. They’re designs for hockey jerseys which I’d like to see on the ice, that sadly are only ideas. You guys can make your own and email them to me, ( but otherwise I’ll post my own. Here we go!

NY Islanders – Think Outside the Circle

'Think Outside the Circle'This was a jersey I made as a part of a ‘Think Outside the Circle’ series. I was trying to create jerseys where the circle was eliminated and the logos were based on the key elements of the jersey. Here’s one for the Isles!

Buffalo Sabres – Think Outside the Circle

Home JerseyThis is another Think Outside the Circle jersey, but this time for the Sabres. I tried to stay away from the Buffalo in the logo, because the team is named for the Sabres not the Buffalo.

Colorado Avalanche – Complete Redesign

Home Jersey:

(4) Home

Away Jersey:

(8) Away With Grey

Alternate Jersey:

(10) 3rd Jersey

These jerseys were all made because the Avs’ current jerseys suck, to be honest. These jerseys add a modern take on the glorious mountain designs of their first jerseys, and utilize the new Colorado ‘C’ logo the team introduced at the Draft. The alternate jersey adds a classic look to the already-pretty-good alternate jersey the team has.

Anyway, I’ll be posting at least three jerseys whenever I can! So yeah, I hope you like them, and send me feedback! Thanks!