NHL Top 10 Players

This list is my opinion on the top 10 players in the NHL debate in the comments is welcome

  1. Sidney Crosby- Sid the Kid is easily the best player in my books. He is an amazing skater has a great shot and can pass the puck anywhere even with his eyes closed. Sid also goes 100% on all shifts, and can play both ends of the ice, his balance makes him my number one player.
  2. Alexander Ovechkin- The Great 8 is often bashed for his laziness, but last season he really picked up the pace in the defensive zone no longer being a liability on defense. Ovi is easily the best goal scorer in the NHL with his incredible hands and rocket shot. Not only can Ovi put the puck in the net but he’s also very physical, and quick.
  3. John Tavares- JT had an amazing season last year becoming a finalist for the MVP award. JT, like Crosby, is a great player at both ends of the ice and gives 100% each shift. He also is a great finisher, and that has been proven with his crazy shootout goals over the years.
  4. Jonathan Toews- Toews is the best leader we have seen in a while; the team is always first to him. Toews is probably the best 2 way player we have in the game right now proven by his Selke trophies. Toews has captained the Chicago Blackhawks out of the trenches of the NHL and into a dynasty. He can put the puck in the net and pass the puck making him a great offensive player along with his outstanding defense.
  5. Erik Karlsson- The 2 time Norris Trophy winner is the best offensive d-man in the game. He has insane agility carrying the puck, he makes picture perfect passes, and can finish his chances. An overlooked aspect of Karlsson’s game is his defense; often called a bad defender. This is far from the truth; Erik is always matched against the other teams number one line and does a great job stopping them.
  6. Steven Stamkos- Like every other player on this list so far Stammer is the captain of his team. Stamkos is in my opinion the second best sniper in the league behind Ovi. Stamkos has a crazy one time shot that is often used on the power play by the Lightning. He is also an under appreciated defensive forward and hitter.
  7. The Sedin Twins- How could i put these two apart? The Sedins have changed the whole scene for the Nucks as they have been one of the best teams the last decade. Daniel and Henrik may be identical twins but they have a nice compliment of different skills that help each be great. Henrik captains the Nucks, he is a great leader, passer, and two way forward. Daniel is the finisher, he has a very nice hands and a crazy accurate shot. But unlike most snipers Daniel also focus much of his game on the defensive side.
  8. Evgeni Malkin- Along side Sid the Penguins have become one of the best teams of this decade. Geno is one of the most skilled players in the league with his great hands, skating ability, and shot. He uses his large strong frame to keep defenders off of him and that gives him the space he needs to make plays. Geno has put up eye catching numbers every year and this has been done with very average line mates.
  9. Rick Nash- Probably the biggest surprise on this list but before you scream at me let me explain. Rick Nash is always near the top of the league in points and goals, he is a very strong forward that is great at protecting the puck and netting goals. The biggest reason i put Nash at 9 is because of his defensive ability, People dont look at Nash as a great 2 way forward but in reality he is one of the best. Rick led the New York Rangers amazing penalty kill from the wing position, he blocked shots and he also led the league in short handed goals.
  10. Drew Doughty- Drew could also make a case for the nickname the great 8. He is an unbeatable d-man on offense and defense. He makes great passes, has a great shot, and is a rock on defense. The LA Kings have a lot to be thankful for knowing they have him on the Blue Line

Just Missed: Shea Weber, Cladue Giroux, Patrice Bergeron, Tyler Seguin, and Jamie Benn.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. dlazarisles says:

    This is wrong. Just wrong. The sedin twins??? And I don’t think Crosby is one either

  2. alexlynch427 says:

    Where’s the goalies?

    1. sunshinestatereporter says:

      Didnt include them

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