THS’s 20 Thoughts – Notes from around the Hockey World

To kick of the 2015-16 NHL Season The Hockey Scoop is starting their own 20 thoughts series, with notes gathered from various releiable sources and interviews. We will be posting one per week. Enjoy!

  1. Pavel Datsyuk starts skating in one month
  2. The Oliers have put Nikita Nikitin on the trading block. The Boston Bruins may be willing to pick him up for cheap.
  3. Justin Fontaine is actually injured. He’ll miss the season opener
  4. The experts say Dustin Byfuglien to the Bruins won’t happen. At least not right now
  5. The Kings would love to re-sign Milan Lucic, if he scores 25+ goals.
  6. Speaking of the Kings, Anze Kopitar and his agent Pat Brisson must be getting pretty anxious cause contract talks are looking bleak.
  7. Jared McCann is the real deal
  8. The San Jose Sharks wanted Ryan Miller.
  9. The Jets wanted Kris Versteeg, but couldn’t get him from Chiacago. However, they could try and pry him from the Hurricanes Febuary 29th.
  10. ¬†Bleacher Report thinks Devan Dubnyk is better than Pekka Rinne. ūüėĀ.
  11. Eric Staal to Nashville is a perfect Trade Deadline move. But can David Poile make it happen?
  12. Who will win the Bruins backup spot? Jonas Gustavsson or Jeremy Smith?
  13. Timo Meier is the Captain of the Halifax Mooseheads
  14. Will the Ottawa Senators pick up Daniel Paille or Tomas Kopecky? They could use them.
  15. Dylan Strome and Noah Hanfin are close to making their respective teams.
  16. Matt Murray deserves to play in the NHL
  17. The Chicago Blackhawks just signed Brent Seabrook to a 8 year deal. It has Lottery Protection, $6.5M AAV, and he’ll be 38 when it ends. Ouch
  18. The Islanders new top line doesn’t have Kyle Okposo on it.
  19. The Buffalo Sabres may have inquired about Steven Stamkos, but a trade is a last resort move. Stamkos is all but re-signed. If the  Bolts are somehow out of playoff contention by Febuary , Ben Bishop could be traded.
  20. The Edmonton Oliers are 5-0-0 in the preseason. Believe.

By Aly Dhanani

Back From the Dead! – Jersey Concepts 4!

Yes! This blog is dead! But, I’m going to try to pump some air into these long-dead lungs, with another Jersey Concepts post! Woo!

Arizona Coyotes – Rebrand


The Arizona Coyotes pre-2015 Draft were, eh… Boring. The ones that they released at their 2015 Draft Party are, eh… Boring. The Coyotes haven’t had a solid identity since their 1990’s Kachina-era, (See it here) and this is sort of a mesh of the modern look, and the past era from when they first arrived in the desert. I added hints of green to the primary logo, kept the newly unveiled secondary logo, and used a 1990’s era unused Kachina logo as an alternate. The primary jerseys have a modern, yet classic feel, and the alternate is a modern throwback to the original Coyotes hockey team.

Winter Classic 2017 – Isles VS Devils

Jerseys Pres

The Isles VS Devils rivalry hasn’t really been there since the Devils and Isles were both competitors, which was a long time ago. This Winter Classic, presumably played at Citi Field, would be between these two teams, and would feature semi-throwbacks to the 80’s for the Devils, and Fishsticks look for the Isles.

“Why not Isles VS Rangers?” I hear the Islanders and Rangers fans yell. Well, it’s because the Rangers have already played in 3 outdoor games, counting the Stadium Series and Winter Classic game, with one of those already having been played against the Isles, and one against the Devils. The Islanders and Devils have a semi-rivalry already, and they haven’t played outside before, plus I thought both jerseys looked like absolute beauty, so, I had to do it.

LGBT+ Rights


I’m gonna say it, and I’m gonna get shit for it in the comments, but I fully support the LGBT+ Community. I am, in fact, bisexual. If you think that I’m going to hell, alongside millions of people worldwide, then don’t read my blogs. Don’t look at these jerseys, and get you and your negativity the hell away from me.

Ok, now that the rant is over, let’s move on to the jerseys. I have the rainbow flag adorning the sides and arms, along with the shoulder yokes, for obvious reasons. As the picture says, the Lambda is a Greek symbol, which is known for being used in the Half-Life games, but has also been a symbol for the LGBTQ+ Community for a long time. The jersey takes on a modern stance, as the campaign for equal rights, equal representation, and anti-discrimination is constantly taking on a modern stance.


Alright, so that’s that! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m anticipating a shitstorm because of that last comment, to be honest.