So the Hawks got a corn maze, Quebec and Las Vegas applied for expansion teams, Holtby resigned, and Semin went to the Habs. That’s about all the news recently, so let’s get into the jerseys!

Las Vegas Aces – Expansion

Home Jersey

With a Las Vegas group applying for an expansion team in the NHL, it’s fitting that they need jerseys. Personally, I think the Las Vegas Aces would be a good name and identity, so I made these jerseys for the team. The logo brings together the gambling the city is known for and the sport it’ll play.

Quebec Nordiques – Expansion

Main Jersey

A group in Quebec applied for an NHL expansion team as well, and they actually used the name ‘Nordiques’ in their application. I think it’s inevitable that the Nords return to hockey.

Hartford Whalers – Expansion

Home Jersey

The Hartford Whalers, although less than stellar, had a lot of fans, who have been wanting a hockey team in the NHL, after the original team packed up and moved to Carolina. Although a group in Hartford hasn’t applied for a team, I think the Whalers are due for a return.

Seattle Admirals – Expansion

Alternate Jersey

Seattle has been wanting an NHL team too, and they’re expected to make a bid for one. But until that happens, I’m hoping for a team called the Seattle Admirals wearing these beauts to play in the Emerald City.