Everyone is always saying, “This is our year, we’ll put it off this time!” I’m not one to believe in every year being supposedly the year my team will win the Cup. But I’m not trying to be biased in this article – The Jets are gonna have their prime time in 2018. It’s a little early to predict too much yet, but when you take a look at the Winnipeg prospect pool, you can tell our strength will come as soon as they are all developed.

When you look at all the successful teams, you often find they have a consistent core of 5-8 strong players that lead them to wins. I’m going give my opinion on the future core of the Winnipeg Jets.

Adam Lowry ~ Lowry is one of my favorite players because you know you can always depend on him no matter what. He is consistent, physical, a great leader and has skill all over the ice. He played his first season in 14-15 and honestly, within the first month, you wouldn’t even know he was a rookie.

Mark Scheifele ~ Behind Jonathan Toews, Scheifs is hands down my favourite player in the league. But that’s not going to stop me from admitting that he is a bit of a wildcard. When he plays well, he’s a strong player that every team would want. But then he has a game that makes you just go, “Oh Scheifele!” But he’s still young, and I’m thinking he’ll serve as the veteran on the powerful Winnipeg team.

Jacob Trouba ~ Every team, as much as they need offensive talent, needs reliable defense. I’m thinking Trouba is really going to excel in that department. Right now, you can (mostly) depend on him to bail you out when need be. I think he’ll be a great asset to the Stanley Cup contenders.

Nik Ehlers ~ Last draft’s first rounder for the Jets was this Danish forward with incredible talent. He’s young and is yet to play an NHL game, but all of Winnipeg is excited for his up coming performances. He is small and quick and will be very important, I can already tell.

Brendan Lemieux ~ He wasn’t a pick, he actually came in a trade. He’s the son of Claude Lemieux, and though we haven’t seen much of him yet, we know he plays like his dad, which is promising. I think he will sneak up and be crucial.

Nic Petan ~ I know I’m repeating myself but it’s not everyday you score more goals in a game than Connor McDavid when playing on the same line as the hockey ‘God’ himself. But Petan managed to do it and earn the hats. He is small but is one of the most dedicated and talented players I’ve seen on the prospect pool (in my opinion).

Of course, like any other team, there are going to be other key players. Just because I didn’t put them down under my ‘core’ doesn’t mean they won’t be important. Hellebuyck, Comrie, De Leo, Copp, Armia, Roslovic, Toolman and other prospects are going to be important too (if they don’t go off to another team) but this is simply all a matter of opinion.

Go Jets Go!