Minnesota Wild Line Predictions

Minnesota Wild Line Predictions:




Special Teams

I think that the Wilds PK will be weaker this year. Just look at our bottom six, sure we have Vanek and Coyle but we lost brodziak who is a key guy to our Pk.

Now for the PP, I think it will be better because our younger players got more experience and built chemistry with guys like Koivu and Vanek.

Hopefully Dubnyk isn’t like kuemper and let me explain why. In the 2013-14 season, we fell apart in December/January and called up Kuemper. He did amazing and helped us into a playoff spot and then we signed Bryzgalov to help during the playoffs. We made it past Colorado in 7 games with Bryzgalov after Kuemper went down with a concussion. Then, Chicago beat us in 6 games while we were starting Bryzgalov. Then during October of the 2014-15 season, Keumper was playing amazing, getting a shutout streak of 163:46. Then, we fell apart in the middle of December. We traded for Dubnyk and he saved our season, giving us a playoff spot, so i hope Dubnyk doesn’t have a season like Kuemper, and instead be consistent and start 60 games.



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