The Ducks made it all the way to the Western Conference Final this past year with goaltender Fredrick Anderson in net. However, the Ducks have another goalie in their system who shined back in the 2014 playoffs after Anderson couldn’t cut it. This was John Gibson. Gibson was left out of the beginning of last season due to injury and never really got a chance at being the #1 goaltender, but will that change this year? Anderson, who played the bulk of the games(54GP), posted a .914 SV% , a 2.38 GAA and a 65 Win% compared to Gibson, who alternated games with Anderson toward the 2nd half of the year(23GP),posted the same .914 SV%, a slightly worse 2.60 GAA and a less slightly worse 56 Win%. All in all they were pretty evenly matched, leading to believe that the coaching staff will likely split the games between the two of them yet again.

Now there’s one thing that teams don’t like and that’s not having a certain #1 goalie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible thing to have two great goaltenders but it gives some wiggle room for a possible trade, and figuring out which goalie to trade is the hard part. Anderson is a more consistent goalie but is older the Gibson and is likely at his prime. Gibson, however, is younger and has more room to grow as an elite goaltender and with the numbers he had last year, he can likely exceed Anderson without many problems. If I was Bob Murray, I would wait till next offseason to trade Anderson, maybe at the 2016 draft for a first round pick and a prospect.

In conclusion, I feel that the Ducks goaltending future is very bright whether its with Gibson or Anderson. Either one will hopefully lead the Ducks to success in the near future.

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