The Winnipeg Jets’ success leaves a lot to be desired, even though they did wriggle a way onto the bracket. Kevin Cheveldayoff has made it clear that he wants to win, but is being patient. Now in the offseason, people tend to think that their favorite squad has got this in the bag, and this of all years, you should expect the unexpected. Winnipeg had a slow start to the season last year but proved doubters wrong, and this year they will set out to do the same. If you are a Winnipeg fan, I’ll tell you what to expect.
1. Expect momentum in the First Home Game
Winnipeg is going to try and motivate themselves to win by using last season’s success. This worked for Calgary at the start of the season because they played intensely to the bitter end, and made it to the Conference Semifinals. Winnipeg will try and use Calgary’s strategy coming into the 2015-2016 season.
2. Expect a Playoff Appearance
Yes you should expect another playoff series but don’t expect for them to make it past the first round. As a Jets fan, you’ll be happy to know that this years playoff run will last more than a week. Know that it will be either a 6 or 7 game series based on their intensity and desire to win.
3. Expect Few Trades
If Winnipeg is patient with their team, more than one cup is in store, and they could possibly become the ninth ever dynasty organization. Cheveldayoff might trade for a prospec,t but don’t lose sleep over a deal involving an active Jet because it’s not happening.
4. Expect Andrew Ladd giving 100% Every Night
Andrew Ladd has two Stanley Cups to be proud of, and he is likely playing in his last years of hockey. Andrew Ladd is going to try everything to get his named etched on the Stanley Cup, so don’t be surprised if he is blocking more shots to try and get the win.
5. Expect for Nikolaj Ehlers to be Nominated for the Calder Memorial Trophy
Ehlers is no Connor McDavid, but who needs to be when you’re Nikolaj Ehlers, because he has the potential to be better than McDavid. Lets face the facts; we’ve seen Ehlers compete in the pre-season. He’s proven himself worthy but Connor McDavid has only practiced with Edmonton. Just expect to see him in Vegas by June.
6. Expect 40+ points for Blake Wheeler
Wheeler’s a guy that performs night in and night out. He can stunt your offense and make you look like an overgrown initiation athlete. You definitely don’t want to be on the ice against him, and this will lead him to at least 40 points.
7. Expect at least an Hour of Sin Bin Time
Dustin Byfuglien is going to give Winnipeg a physical edge, but will also take penalties in the process. This is both good and bad, but it won’t cost the Winnipeg Jets as long as their penalty kill is good.
8. Expect more Offense and Less Defense
Winnipeg needs to be better in the other teams end, even if they have to sacrifice defense. More often than not, Ondrej Pavelec will bail his team out. Offense will lead Winnipeg into the playoffs for years and years to come.
9. Expect Utilization of the Manitoba Moose
Winnipeg is fortunate to have their American Hockey League affiliate right next to them. This is great because you can send two way players down whenever you please. So expect to see a lot of AHL recalls.
10. Expect Home Ice Advantage in the First round for Winnipeg
Winnipeg is growing but not enough to get the top seed. However, the opportunity is there and they control their own destiny this year, especially with Burmistrov returning. Last Octobe,r they weren’t even expected to be in the playoff picture. Now they are contenders in the better conference.
This is what Jets fans should look forward to this season.