Winnipeg Do’s and Don’ts

If you play your cards right, life can be great. It has the same effect on hockey. Winnipeg can have a happy ending especially if they listen to my article.
Do: Keep Pavelec
Ondrej Pavelec is in the prime of his career and a full season with the Jets will do him some good. He has definitely improved in the offseason. Pavelec is fitting in while with his teammates. This should be a no-brainer for Winnipeg.
Don’t: Trade Players for picks
The reason teams don’t succeed and lose their team is because they try and rebuild when they don’t have to. This is a very rare case so Winnipeg best avoid it. This can increase chemistry and build skill.
Do: Trade picks for players
Winnipeg clearly wants to win and they want to win now so adding talent for picks can be the slight difference between being known as “Winnerpeg” and the squad of what if’s.
Don’t: Make changes in management
Winnipeg is as good as they can be when it comes to their front office. Paul Maurice has worked wonders as Winnipeg’s bench boss. Also, Kevin Cheveldayoff is like a bargaining god and has proved it by making many beneficial trades.
Do: Recall Morrissey and Ehlers
Morrissey does lack size but makes up for it in game physique. Nikolaj Ehlers has a Memorial Cup to his credit and Denmark’s IIHF Best Player. The two unproven commodities will be a great fit for Winnipeg.
Don’t: Overpay
Winnipeg does a pretty good job but every GM gets tunnel vision and becomes carried away and sign an overpriced player. Winnipeg was very smart by signing Alex Burmistrov but are also showing interest in David Moss. They will likely not purchase his services, however.
Do: Retain Byfuglien despite all offers
If I’m Kevin Cheveldayoff, I’m turning away proposal after proposal involving Big Buff because he is really liked by his teammates, and losing him would mean a decline in teamwork and success. Also, Byfuglien can play defense and offense.
Don’t: Allow conflict in the dressing room
This tears teams apart and stops championships. Kane definitely prevented them from succeeding and Paul Maurice should not stand for it unless he wants to find himself unemployed.
What people can take from this is that Winnipeg is doing some things right but there is room for improvement.


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