Winnipeg Jets Recap Including Draft and Scores From the First 3 Months

When a group of NHL players join together in the Fall, they have one goal, to win the Stanley Cup. Andrew Ladd and the Winnipeg Jets sought out to do just that. At the 2014 NHL Draft, the Winnipeg Jets management patiently waited for their turn at the podium in Philadelphia. Winnipeg used the ninth pick to welcome Nikolaj Ehlers into the Jets family. Winnipeg was without a pick in the second round but resurfaced on the draft board to take Jack Glover 69th overall. 30 picks later, Winnipeg stopped 29 other teams from allowing Chase De Leo to wear their jersey. Nelson Nogier became a Jet two picks after De Leo. With their 5th round choice, they decided to take Clinston Franklin. The Jets took Pavel Kraskovsky out of consideration in round 6 and selected Matt Ustaski 192nd overall. On October 9th, Winnipeg took on the Arizona Coyotes and came away with a 6-2 victory. They were stopped by Antti Niemi and the San Jose Sharks. Again, the Jets suffered a 4-1 loss to the raining champs, the Los Angeles Kings. The Nashville Predators defeated the Jets in their season home opener. Calgary went into the MTS Centre and came out on top. Finally, Winnipeg succeeded and beat the Carolina Hurricanes but their happiness didn’t last because they left with a loss. The Jets beat Colorado 2-1. New Jersey put a show on for their home crowd and went home happy. The Jets silenced the crowd in Madison Square Garden and did the same in Chicago. Winnipeg created a three game streak by out-playing Nashville. Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins saddened Winnipeg’s fans and walked out smiling. The Jets won in Canada’s capital city. They then lost to the Montreal Canadiens. On November 13th, they prevented Carolina from evening the season series. The Predators showed the city of Nashville that they belong. Again, Winnipeg lost, but this time at the hands of Minnesota. New Jersey and Winnipeg both had wins in their season series now. Detroit came out on top in their first meeting with Winnipeg. The Jets were in a slump and were still in it come November 23rd when they lost 4-2 to St. Louis. The Jets won at last by playing conservatively against Columbus and beat Buffalo 2-1. However, they were dominated by Boston the next game. The Winnipeg Jets beat the suffering Edmonton Oilers 3-2. Winnipeg was a happy city on November 6 because the Jets only allowed 2 goals in their 6-2 victory over the Avalanche. Anaheim defeated Winnipeg 4-3 on the road, and then Winnipeg beat Dallas. Again they couldn’t get any rhythm and lost to Colorado. They lost to Anaheim in their next game but then beat the Islanders. The Jets had 2 consecutive wins now by beating Boston. Unluckily, they couldn’t string three together because they lost to Philadelphia. Winnipeg beat Chicago 4-1 and eventually made the playoffs but were swept by Anaheim. At the draft in Sunrise, Florida, Winnipeg drafted Kyle Connor and Jack Roslovic with their first two picks. They selected Jansen Harkins, Erik Foley, Michael Spacek, Mason Appelton, Sami Niku and Matteo Gennero. Jets fans will hope that their team can have a better start and finish.


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