The Ottawa Senators surprisingly made the playoffs last season, when most people counted them out. To secure their spot next season, they will need to do a few things to help their roster.

First of all, they should have never traded Lehner. Even though he hasn’t proven himself yet, he’s only 23 years old. Look at what happened when they traded Bishop. The reason why I think the Senators shouldn’t have done that is because I think Hammond is just a one season type of guy. So I think they should have kept Lehner and traded Hammond.

Second, Ottawa needs to get Mike Hoffman signed. The Senators’ leading goal scorer this past season is an RFA, who is most likely going to arbitration. There were rumors of Ottawa trading him. I don’t believe that. If the Senators don’t sign him, they will lack most of the offense they had last season.

Third, the Senators should sign some veterans. Since the Senators traded Legwand to Buffalo recently, the Senators only have two veterans and both might not even be on the roster next season. Chris Neil and Chris Phillips both have been on the Senators for at least a decade and they’re both near the end of their careers. So for a young team like the Sens, they need those veterans who are guaranteed to be on their rosters to help out the young guns.

Finally, most Sens fans know what this is. I think the Senators need to trade for a top-6 winger. The Senators’ have four out of six spots filled. I know what you’re saying “Hoffman is a top-6 player”. Hoffman never seems to play well on the top two lines so I don’t count him. The Senators need to trade for a dedicated top-6 player.

These are only a few things I think the Senators should do this offseason. If you’ve got anymore suggestions, comment below.