It’s been a while (almost 15 years) since the NHL added a team without taking one away. They’ve moved franchises (like Winnipeg to Phoenix, Atlanta to Winnipeg) over the years but we haven’t had an addition to the 30 teams in several years. The league is looking at adding two new teams to balance out the conferences. They need a city with lots of people and lots of money, and it’s been narrowed down.

There has been talk about putting in two new teams among these four towns: Kansas City, Quebec City, Las Vegas and Seattle. There are still several different opinions floating around, but in my mind, there are two cities that should get teams over the others.

Las Vegas • I don’t think Vegas is the perfect location for a team, but the NHL looks mainly for money, and well, Vegas has a fair share of that stuff. If the NHL put a team in Vegas, they would make tons of money off it.

Seattle • Not to stereo type, but it seems the more north you are, the more hockey fans there are. Seattle is a big city with many people, and there aren’t any teams very close there. It looks like the ideal market and location for a new NHL team.

Kansas City • I find that Kansas is a bit of a smoke and mirrors market for a hockey team. They already have the Royals and Chiefs, which have decent fanbases, but I don’t think it’s a great location for a team. Missouri already has the Blues, and there aren’t exactly enough hockey fans there to have an uber successful franchise. We’re also looking for two western teams, which Missouri doesn’t not qualify as.

Quebec City • As a Canadian, I would be thrilled to include another team in the country. But one of the government parties (conservative, liberal, etc.) is a ‘seperatist’ party, which means they are trying to make Quebec it’s own country. Therefore the league will not put a team there in case they are successful. Quebec is also an Eastern province, which is not where we’re looking to add onto.

As nice as it would be to see the return of the Nordiques and Scouts, I just don’t think it’s in the league’s best interest to bring them back, at least not yet. Hopefully we can expand our love for the sport into more states like Washington and Nevada and have a league even greater than we have now.

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