Winnipeg’s Fanbase

Winnipeg has had tremendous success thus far and the biggest reason for that is their fanbase. The True North greeted the former Atlanta Thrashers with glee. The Jets finally rewarded their fans in 2015 by making the playoff bracket. Although they were swept by Anaheim, it was a great year for the Winnipeg Jets. The fans recreated a “White Out” that happened with the original Winnipeg Jets. They were the loudest crowd in hockey history. The people of Winnipeg were proud of what their team had accomplished. They were unable to make the playoffs in the years before, but still the fans stayed loyal. Loyalty is something hard to find in sports so of course the Jets have something special. Jets fans attend the Ice Plex in Winnipeg every year to catch some action of the Development Camp. A fan favorite player for them is Andrew Ladd, because he is such an extraordinary leader. Jets fans follow them threw storms and rain to sunshine and rainbows and that’s the true significance of a great fan base; and everyone knows that a good fanbase builds a great team.


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