Well this will be one of the first Flyers articles on the site, if not the first, so I hope you guys enjoy and there will be many more to come. This is one of the most exciting things and times to be a Flyers fan and finally say “wow we actually are starting to have a lot of very good prospects.” Ron Hextall is a god to all Flyers fans, and if he is not, then you need to, cause this guy barely disappoints and is starting to build us like champions. He is getting most of these traits from his time in LA learning from a champion, coming to Philly, and boy if he can win us a championship, he will easily be a hero for Delaware Valley, Tri-State area and Flyers fans everywhere. Now lets take a look at one of the many building blocks for the Flyers future and who knows, maybe this defenseman will score the game winning overtime goal in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Ivan Provorov
This is possibly the top defenseman in the 2015 draft according to some scouts, and the flyers got him at 7. Hextall said we would take the best player available and by far he was. The shocking thing is some mock drafts from the top NHL scouts had him going anywhere from 3-7. A player who may of been gone at three, but went at 7, is outstanding. He is an excellent puck moving defenseman with tremendous upside. He is a fantastic defender too; don’t listen to all the people saying he can only be an offensive defenseman. Ivan had multiple highlight reel goals and defensive plays this year and the kid is only 18. He uses a very large stick which he uses to his advantage of being a phenomenal poke checker, who has the speed to be able to catch up to someone on a break away and end the scoring chance very fast. He was fourth among defenseman in points, 61, that included 15 goals and 46 assists. Another great things Flyers fans will love to hear is that he loves to use his size to his advantage and is very physical. He battles for the puck every chance he has. Everyone knows Philly has had their share of very physical players some that may have even gone over the limit *cough cough* Zac Rinaldo. But he did not take many penalty minutes that were unnecessary which means he wont be hurting us in that part of the game. Provorov has also been in America since he was 14 so there is no question of him even thinking about going to the KHL. The greatest thing about him is his two way play. He can go up in the rush and set up one of our forwards for a goal and come right back down the other end and stop a major scoring chance. Ivan has all the tools to become a top tier NHL defenseman. The real question is if he will make the roster this year at an already crowded flyers blue line. I personally think he will not make it, due to the approach Hextall is taking with these coveted defensive prospects. He ndoes not want to ruin their potential, especially with over paid veterans already there. It would be hard for me to see him burning a year of his entry level deal at the NHL level. I think if any of these prospects were to make it, it would be one of the elder ones to give them some experince who you will find out about in a later article.

Estimated time to the NHL- 2016-2017 season or if the Flyers make the playoffs I could see him playing if injuries occur.

Projected pairing– Many scouts and me included think the Provorov will be a top tier defenseman. I see him as a number one or two guy.

Point total this year in WHL (assuming he does not make team) 18 goals, 50 assists for 68 points

Thank you guys for reading this. I will be doing more articles on the Flyers defensive prospects this week. We still have Sanheim, Morin, Ghost, and Hagg to get through lots of exciting defensive prospects for us Flyers fans, and Lets Go Flyers!