“Great Wall of St. Paul” or pine rider?

With the addition of goalie Devan Dubnyk from Arizona, the Wild found his help the last half of the season, as an essential piece for their 2nd round playoff berth. However, they may have shot themselves in the foot with the extensive and expensive 6 year, 26 million contract.

This means that the Minnesota Wild will be paying the break out goaltender $4.33 million per year, but off of what?

On January 15th, Dubnyk was traded to the wild from Arizona. He played a total of 39 games in St. Paul, with 27 wins, 9 losses, and 2 overtime losses. Along with his above average record, he also boasted a 1.78 GAA, and .936 SV%.

The stats listed above are no mere feat. Yes, he did undoubtably have an excellent last half of season. The Wilds main issue with Dubnyk is that last season, the front office only signed him to a half season worth $800k.

Now you may be thinking “he’s a good goalie, he deserves a bigger and better contract!” Yes and no. The issue with a larger contract (just like the one they gave him) is that he could run cold. The wild are only prompting their decision on his 39 game hot streak.

Another issue, if in fact he’s a flop, is that the Wild just locked up 24 million of their cap space they could desperately need in the future; all on a pine riding goalie.

The Wild’s luck with renewing goalies has already run cold; Niklas Backstrom is the prime example. In net behind Dubnyk is going to be rookie goalie Darcey Kuemper. While Kuemper showed great potential in the 2013-2014 season, the young goalie has been in the NHL system since the 2009-2010 system.

The point I’m making with all the Kuemper stats is that he is indeed a young talented goalie, but he should also spend more time on the Iowa Wild to further develop himself into the goalie he can be.

All in all, the Wild may have shot themselves in the foot with the 26 million dollar contract they signed with Dubnyk. If he is in fact a pine rider, the Minnesota Wild hockey team is scrambling again for net security, or putting full trust into a 25 rookie year old goalie.


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