Analyzing the Boston Bruins Offseason

The best move so far by new GM Don Sweeney was trading Reilly Smith and Marc Savard to Florida for Jimmy Hayes. Hayes, a former BC star, grew up in Dorchester Massachusetts, a 20 minute drive from Boston. “It was really just a cool feeling to be around friends and family, to get traded back to your hometown.”

Reilly Smith, 24, is a solid pickup for the Florida Panthers. He scored 33 goals and tallied 58 assists for 91 points in 163 career games with Boston, but failed to play that physical-style game that Claude Julien’s system has revolved around for the past 8 seasons.

Hayes will be a perfect fit with the Bruins. He comes in at 6’6″ 221lbs. He laid out 147 hits last season proving his worth. With all of the potential Hayes has, he may be able to fill in the Milan Lucic void if he lives up to his potential. Though Lucic plays a better Bruins game, Hayes did score more goals. The Bruins ranked 22nd in goals scored last season.

The Bruins also managed to deal Marc Savard’s contract. This move also led to the signings of Matt Beleskey and Matt Irwin who are two solid role players. Hayes scored 19 goals and totaled 16 assists for 35 points in 72 games last season. He also got stronger as the season progressed.

The Bruins quickly signed him to a 3 year contract with an AAV for $2.3. This contract is a bargain for the Bruins as this is less money than what it would’ve been to lock up Reilly Smith or Milan Lucic for the immediate future.


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