The Boston Bruins have made some interesting moves this offseason, including some interesting draft selections as well. Recently hired GM, Don Sweeney has gotten a lot of hate with the recent moves he made. Right now, I will break those moves down. First, the Dougie Hamilton trade to the flames, was a horrible trade in my opinion. I understand that it was for the salary cap, but here’s the thing. The Bruins got the 15th overall pick, and two second round picks; one for this year and one for next year. With that 15th overall pick they drafted Zachary Senyshyn who had 45 goals in 66 games. It was a surprise to most because he was projected to go in the second round. I don’t think it was a good pick at all! We went after a scoring winger in Jake Debrusk, whoe scored 42 goals in 72 games with the Swift Current. So there is our scoring winger. The reasonable thing to do is to get a playmaking centerman, and of course we don’t get one. Matthew Barzal would be the perfect choice, or, would’ve been… he got 12 goals, 45 assists for 57 points in only 47 games due to injury. Amazing point production from him. If he didn’t miss that much of the season he may have gone top 5 at best. We could’ve grabbed a steal but sadly Sweeney didn’t do it. Overall, I think Hamilton should be worth at least two first round picks. He is a future star and was the bruins best defence man in the recent season… Next is the Lucic trade. Milan was traded to the LA Kings for the 13th overall pick (Jakub Zboril) which was a very good pick. Zboril is a great d-man. So the 13th overall pick, Martin Jones(later traded for a first round pick from the sharks), and Collin Miller. A very good trade when you think of it. Looch for a first round pick of this year (Zboril) and a first round pick for next year. And if the sharks do bad next year, we got ourselves a top 10 pick at best. Overall I think the Looch trade was great, even though Looch was the heart and soul of the team.. Like i said before Martin Jones was traded for a first round pick, which, to me is a steal for the Bruins. He is a backup goalie at best, and also if San Jose has a bad season, we will have a nice pick on our hands! Next is the Reilly Smith trade. Smith was traded to the Florida Panthers for Jimmy Hayes. I’m happy about this trade. Smith was playing bad for a guy playing with Bergy. And he was mostly on their first line! Hayes is a solid young player and could have a great future. Now on to the free agency. The Bruins signed Matt Beleskey to a 5 Year $3.8 million/year contract. This is a dangerous signing. He’s had one good season, and it was the recent one. What if he has a horrible year this year? Its a 50/50 chance. The most recent signing was defence man Matt Irwin. Irwin will probably play as a top 6 Defence-man.

I will be making a projected lineup for the Boston Bruins soon! Be ready!!!