Prospect Comparisons

Connor McDavid the first pick of the Edmonton Oilers mostly compares to Sidney Crosby. Crosby and McDavid both are very good playmakers. Crosby had over 160 points in his last year before the draft scoring 66 goals and getting 102 assist over the span of 62 games while Connor McDavid only had 120 points because he was injured earlier in the year, playing only 47 games. McDavid scored 44 goals and got 76 assists. Both of them were more of playmakers before the NHL, but as time passed, Crosby was able to put the puck in the net more, while McDavid already got 5 points and 4  goals in his team’s prospect game. McDavid and Crosby also compare as they are both lefties, are both from Canada and are both centers. McDavid is 6’1 and 195 pounds while Crosby is 5’11 and 200 pounds. You will see great hockey from McDavid, as you do now from Crosby. Soon, you will see McDavid and Crosby on the same National team. Both of these players are going to be future Hall Of Famers and have many awards on their trophy case (Crosby already has many). It’s going to be a good ride to see who has the better career. Ps. It will be the next player from the draft once a day .image



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