The Chicago Blackhawks have just traded forward Patrick Sharp and defensemen Stephan Johns to the Dallas Stars in return for forward Ryan Garbutt and Trevor Daley. Sharp helped lead the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cups, although his trade was expected. Stephan Johns, however, was not. Johns was a high defensive prospect for the Blackhawks, who played in the AHL, and was expected to move up this year. Johns had 21 points this season for the Rockford Ice Hogs, which was a career high. Comparing him to Daley, who had 16 goals, 22 assists, and 38 points. Many Blackhawks fans were fine with keeping Johns, since he has a lot of potential, and is a young player, only 23 years old. Daley is 31, and many other Blackhawks players are around that age. The Blackhawks continue to age, and they continue to trade their young players.