Predictions, Thoughts on Russia’s Upset & Other Matters in Sochi

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve found myself watching much more Olympic sports than I ever have in the past but here’s a an update on what has happened in the past week for Men’s Ice Hockey.

Wednesday, February 12

Czech Republic 2 4 Sweden

Latvia 0 – 1 Switzerland

Thursday,  February 13

Finland 8 – 4 Austria

Russia 5 – 2 Slovenia

Slovakia 1 – 7 USA

Canada 3 – 1 Norway

Friday, February 14

Czech Republic 4 – 2 Latvia

Sweden 1 – 0 Switzerland

Canada 6 – 0 Austria

Norway 1 – 6 Finland

Saturday, February 15

Slovakia 1 – 3 Slovenia

USA 3 – 2 Russia

Switzerland 1 – 0 Czech Republic

Sweden 5 – 3 Latvia

Sunday, February 16

Austria 3 – 1 Norway

Russia 1 – 0 Slovakia

Slovenia 1 – 5 USA

Finland 1 – 2 Canada

Tuesday, February 18

Slovenia 4 – 0 Austria

Russia 4 – 0 Norway

Switzerland 1 – 3 Latvia

Czech Republic 5 – 3 Slovakia

Wednesday, February 19

Sweden 5 – 0 Slovenia

Finland 3 – 1 Russia

Canada 2 – 1 Latvia

USA 5 – 2 Czech Republic

Now after all of these games the semi-finals will be on tomorrow with a 2006 gold medal rematch with Sweden vs. Finland and a 2010 gold medal rematch with USA vs. Canada.  Both of these games are certainly going to be amazing and even if you’re only watching your home country’s game I’d suggest you should watch one of them.  The winner of these 2 games play each other for the gold medal.  Seems very interesting.  My predictions for the Sweden vs. Finland game is that Sweden advances to gold and for the USA vs. Canada game I think USA catches Canada by surprise and goes for gold.  Ultimately, these predictions leave me with a Sweden vs. USA gold medal game and I think USA captures gold.  USA has just been the team to beat in the Olympics so far by beating every opponent they face by 2 or more goals except the 3 -2 victory over Russia.  Speaking of Russia I really can’t believe that they were beat by Finland yesterday.  When they finally get to host the Winter Olympics their very strong offensively powered hockey team has just stumbled too many times.  Russia’s citizens were very upset about the loss after believing that they can get gold.  The Russian team played like it had no purpose and was beat for it.  They had finally woken up from it in the late third period but it was much too late for them to come back into the game.  The pressure from being on home soil really killed the Russians this year and cost them the ultimate prize, the gold medal.


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