Habs & Avs In Talks

Well today there has been a lot of buzz about the Avs reportedly trying to trade off winger P.A. Parenteau. A rumor was spread saying that the Avs offered Parenteau for Rene Bourque. Apparently the rumor also said the Habs had declined the trade offer. This doesn’t make much sense because Parenteau had a great season last year and even this year with his scoring slump, statistics show he is a much better player than Bourque. Maybe the Canadiens were concerned about Parenteau’s salary but if I were the Habs I would’ve still made the move for a player who could help the Habs make a deep playoff run this season. On the other hand it doesn’t make sense to me as to why the Avalanche want to trade Parenteau for Bourque. Parenteau and Bourque are both wingers so it isn’t about the position the player plays and Parenteau has more points then Bourqe so it’s obviously not about production either. So that leaves you with maybe Bourque’s potential to be a better player and their leadership skills. I don’t know how either guys are in the locker room so that may be a factor as well. This rumor may have been false about the deal being rejected but many sources have told me that the Habs and speaking to the Avs about a trade. More to come later…


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